Friends of TFM

Bicycle Network Victoria

Bicycle Network Victoria is a charity that promotes the health of the community. BRN works with with supporters like TFM to get “More People Cycling More Often” and measurably grow the bike riding world.

Fluid Movements

Former pro Ironman Sean Foster leads one of Australia’s most successful and long-running triathlon training squads. Fluid Movements runs beginner courses to introduce people to triathlon year-round, as well as providing tailored personal programs for athletes of all abilities. Sean and his team of coaches lead 12 coached sessions per week in South Yarra, Port Melbourne Richmond and Kew. Train with beginners and world champions, train to chase your best results, train to race.

Melbourne Tri Club

Founded in 1981 MTC is the oldest and biggest Triathlon Club in Victoria, and it only got that way by providing a family-friendly, fun, social and competitive environment for athletes of all abilities. MTC is just as well known for it’s state national and world champions as it is for it’s parties and buzzing race day vibe, where supporters and friends usually outnumber the competitors. TFM is proud of it’s long association as a supporter, not just a sponsor of the members of this great club.

The Amy Gillett Foundation

The Amy Gillett Foundation is a charity with one purpose – reducing the incidence of death and injury of bike riders. The Foundation was born out of tragedy, the death of Amy Gillett, who was hit by an out of control motorist whilst cycling with her National Team mates in Germany. Since its inception the foundation has been a catalyst for change, focused on what should be, rather than what is.