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(Located upstairs at our TFM Brighton store - 76 Church Street, Brighton)


At The Freedom Machine, our passion is for cyclists.  We know that being a cyclist is about more than just the bike.

  • It's about comfort. 
  • It's about efficiency. 
  • It's about performance. 
  • It's about riding longer. 

It is with these things in mind that we offer our bicycle fitting options.  We know that a bicycle that fits correctly makes for a better riding experience. A bicycle set up to meet the specific needs of the person riding it will conform to the rider's optimal position - we want to make the bike fit the rider.


If you are in the market for a new bike, looking to overcome an existing niggle or want to optimise your aerodynamic position, TFM Precision Fit can give you piece of mind and confidence in which size and style of bike fits you.

The ultimate bike fit for finding the “sweet spot” of your bicycle set-up. We use the Precision Fit Machine to find your optimal riding position based on injury history, cycling history, flexibility, type of cycling (ironman triathlon, social riding, hill climbing, commuting etc) combined with power and left/right pedal stroke analysis.

We then translate the numbers from the bike fit jig onto your existing bike or advise on what size and style of bike would suit you and your cycling needs.

The service also includes cycling technique advice in order to maximise efficiency and comfort on the bike

Takes approximately 90-120 minutes and will cover:

1. The interview – We need to know about you, your life and cycling

2. Physical evaluation – We need to know about you from your feet up. Things like natural feet position, hip alignment, sit bone width, shoulder width and also hamstring and hip flexibility

3. Position Analysis – Using the information from the interview and the physical evaluation we use motion capture analysis to adjust the bike fit jig and find a position that suits you and your cycling needs

4. Final analysis – We provide you with a detailed report using images from the motion capture analysis that compare the “before” and “after” positional changes as well as detailed measurements of your new fit. We can also provide a report on what size Trek frame would suit you and your setup needs (stem length, crank length, handlebar width etc)


The one hour version of the Precision Fit will see you fitted on our state of the art Precision Fit jig, this service allows you to try different positions, improve technique and get a basic report of the bike size that fits you.


The difference to the two hour Precision Fit is you don't get the detailed video and sizing reports and there isn't as much time to investigate injuries and trial as many position changes during the one hour Precision Fit.


A premium service for clients wishing to have precision fits for both their Road and TT bike; the Gold-standard solution for those who train or compete in both Time Trials and Road events. We will spend between 3-4hrs precising two complete fits for optimum performance and comfort on both types of bicycle.


For riders looking for a basic set-up to establish a comfortable seat height and handlebar setup within the parameters that their current bike allows. This fit service will ensure you’re setup and ready to roll.

If you’re suffering from discomfort or injury on the bike then TFM recommends the Full Precision Fit to ensure a more detailed approach to your bike fit and injury prevention.



Ben is our expert bike fitter and cycling coach. Having raced at an elite level in road racing, time trials and triathlon, he his experienced with optimising your bike fit, overcoming injuries and training to get performance improvements so that you fly up the big climbs or lead the bunch out in a sprint. Ben is a qualified:

    - Trek Precision Fit Technician

    - Cycling Australia accredited coach

    - Personal Trainer

Ben is always up for a chat,