MTB Skills Sessions

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Our TFM Adventures mountain bike skills sessions are designed to help you improve vision, momentum and increase flow and efficiency out on the trails. Aimed at the beginner and intermediate riders, the sessions provides you with fundamental tools to give you a solid structure to build upon as you learn and practice each new skill. This not only supports your momentum on the trails, but your confidence along with it.

Our skills instructors know that moving from a beginner to an elite mountain biker takes the skill and confidence to brake less and flow more out on the trails. The tools they give you during your skills sessions are all based on this ultimate goal – setting you up to ride more confidently and enjoy your mountain biking even more, with all the feedback, support and practice you need to get you there.


Two Skill Session options:

  1. One on One training with your qualified instructor for a duration of 2 hours - $249
  2. Group Session with another 5 riders for a duration of 2 hours - $179

 Once booking made, your instructor will be in contact with all the relevant information.