Use a base for light or dark fabrics

It may be necessary to use a base depending on the color of the polyester chosen. This is because different inks act differently on light or dark fabric.

To prevent dye migration, use a white or gray base background. White in a single application is applied to stop the migration of dyes. Once the base is laid, any color of plastisol can be applied to it. At the opposite pole, a gray base is thicker and dries at a lower temperature, which helps to slow down the migration of dyes. Because it is thicker, the gray base works best on sportswear.

Pay attention to the drying process of the dyes
Before the final drying, the dyes may migrate if you heat the fabric too much under flash application. Apply flash to the base image only as long as the image needs to be fixed.

Regardless of the inks you use for screen printing on polyester, you will need to test the inks on the chosen fabrics to avoid color migration.

Use special paper to maintain the design during the drying process
Because it is a synthetic fiber, polyester requires the use of a sheet during the application and curing process. A sheet may be a piece of paper or similar material placed under the design, inside the garment before printing. The poyiester fabric has many air gaps between the threads, allowing ink to pass through. This occurs most often when you print white ink on dark polyester fabrics.

Learning a new technique is always challenging, so we make sure we do more tests. If you want to print screen printing on polyester, consider the skills of our workshop, as well as over 13 years of experience in the field. We are waiting for you to give life to your projects!

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